If you really want to enjoy a nice trip, first thing you should look is your safety. The idea is not to instill fear, but give some useful tips for tourists to avoid being victims of theft or other criminal acts.

Ten Important Safety Tips for Tourists

Ten safety tips for tourists:

1. Don’t walk away from the tourist area

Every city has slums and alleys very few attractions for tourists and too dangerous. Not far from the tourist area and if you do not know the city, it’s best to ask traffic officers or any police in the area.

2. Don’t expose your open wallet in public

When you go to buy something do not expose your money in public. Bring some cash in your wallet and the rest in some inner breast pocket.

3. Don’t carry your camera around your neck

This is very typical of tourists and is best avoided. Can you take it, but in a more discreet manner.

4. Don’t prove that you’re a tourist to enjoy the evening

If you’re going out to enjoy the night life does not show as a tourist. You should make sure and be confident of yourself as any other citizen of the place. It inspires confidence, respect others and if possible, get with a group of friends.

5. It is best to always be accompanied

Whether nightlife as day for walks, it’s best to travel with someone who can help you with you and for any inconvenience.

6. Don’t requesting help anyone to use the ATM

If you go to withdraw money from an ATM and do not understand the system or language, just limit yourself to ask for help from a bank for cash. Do not let anyone know your password, or that other people can see how much money you withdraw.

7. Understands some language

It’s best to understand a bit – at least – the official language of the city to which you’re traveling otherwise it will be very difficult to fully enjoy the visit and also is very insecure because you cannot communicate effectively with the locals.

8. Don’t take illegal taxis

Although they are more economical and very attentive display, you have no guarantee that that cab take you to destination and you get much less secure. Go to some central city taxi and request your car there.

9. Don’t trust who you seem friendly

Criminals much set on tourists as they can be easy prey for them. Don’t trust those who seem friendly. Not that you should distrust all or you can’t interact with new people, but you must not trust a 100 % to someone you don’t know.

10. Don’t leave your belongings out of your sight

In the square, the hotel pool, at the beach or on any visit always keep your belongings with you or at least in a place where you can be to monitor it.