Autumn adds a new dimension to the beauty of the spectacular city of London. Colourful leaves and flowers bedeck the streets presenting a lovely sight to tourists. London during autumn looks amazingly stunning with the leaves of the trees throughout the city turning orange, red and gold colours.

Thus along with the plethora of attractions this wonderful city offers, visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty during autumn. Though whole London is worth seeing during autumn, there are some places in particular; those showcase the beauty of autumn extraordinarily, making your visit to London a most memorable one.

Here is the list of places where you can enjoy the best of the autumn:

5 Best Places to See in London during autumn

1. Hyde Park:

Spreading 142 hectares, Hyde Park in London is one among the greatest parks in the world. This London attraction hosts many facilities, one for everyone.

Just imagine 4000 trees with orange, yellow and red colored leaves! It might not be possible to imagine, but you can enjoy that beautiful sight here in Hyde Park. Trees with colourful leaves, lakes and meadows, welcome you in autumn.

2. Regent’s Park:

Regent Park is a royal park that has zoo, open theatre, boating lake and more! There is almost everything for a family to spend their time wonderfully. But the singular attraction, which cannot be seen during the rest of the year, is certainly the beauty of gardens.

Regent’s Park is the best destination for those who want to enjoy the colours of autumn and get in an autumn mood.

3. St James’s Park:

St James Park is one among the top London attractions. This park provides a superb view to of Buckingham palace. Whether a leisurely stroll in autumn that you want to enjoy or just feeding the most friendly squirrels, St James Park, offers everything for visitors.

And such a lovely park becomes more alluring during autumn. Seeing the leaves turning colourful gives you a pleasant feeling and the attractive landscapes, pretty flower buds certainly make you think about visiting the park again.

4. Epping Forest:

Though autumn is same all over the London, Epping Forest reflects the beauty of the season most. This 6000 acre public space looks fiery and spectacular with the autumnal colours. This is one of the most spectacular places to visit in London on an autumn visit.

If you are a nature enthusiast and love to spend your time in the woods this is the best destination for you. You might get back to the farming past of the city viewing cows grazing in the forests. Apart from visiting the forest you can also enjoy the horse riding, mountain riding and many exciting activities of your choice.

Thus, Epping Forest is an attraction that would be loved by people of all ages.

5. Kew Gardens:

Kew Gardens, which was awarded the UNESCO world heritage site, is one of the most popular botanical gardens of London spreading in 300 acres. It is no wonder that it takes a whole day to explore the beauty of the gardens.

The attractive part of this garden is, it is home to 6 magnificent glass houses. This garden is one attraction of London not to be missed by tourists on an autumn break.