Maintaining your home is a big task in today’s world. With both partners usually working, it is difficult to find the time and energy to keep the house spick and span. Real estate Kolkata , Delhi and Mumbai suffer more because there is so much pollution and dust in the air, that no matter what you do, you house requires regular maintenance. You miss a day and it is back to the same. But it is crucial to maintain your home. Home is a place where you need to feel comfortable and relaxed. It has to be your Zen den.

So here is a guide to help you maintain your house well.

Timely Action

When it is our home, we take things lightly and prolong repairs when something needs to be fixed. In additional to looking ugly, these things cause added stress. Immediate action saves time, cost and also stress of living with something that is broken or not in a good condition. Next time you have a leakage, breakage, a screw to be tightened, water problem, a bulb to be fixed, to it immediately. Procrastination won’t help you get any peace of mind and things will only go from bad to worse. Learn to fix things on your own. Invest in drilling machines, screw drivers and other basic equipment that could help you do the task.

If it is too difficult, only then call for outside help. This will save you a lot of waiting time. Keep the numbers of electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters handy.


It is crucial to have things organized to make home maintenance easy. When one is unorganized, one ends up searching for things fanatically, when needed most. And during this important time, memory also fails you. To avoid all this stress and make life easy, one should get organized. Have a place for all things in your house. Make separate spaces for – jewelry, shoes, stationery, toys, toiletries etc. Invest is utility and organizational items, like boxes, shelves, drawers, baskets etc. Take a trip to the mall and buy all these organizational items if needed.

Time Management

It is essential to master the skill of time management in order to get more done in a day. We usually waste a lot of time, chit chatting and doing other mindless work, which gains us nothing. Cut short or scrap completely these mind numbing activities. Allot chunks of time during the day according to your convenience to clean up and organize your home. Sometimes even half an hour allotted can do wonders to your house. If you are a working person, make a schedule and abide by it.


DIY is a modern term for ‘Do it yourself’ in terms of creativity and productivity items for your house. When we have the same furniture, curtains, cushion covers and lamps in our house, over the years it gets boring. It might not be possible to change all the furniture and other goods, as it is too heavy on the pockets. But it is important to revamp your house and change things around a bit. This gives your house a new feel and change is sometimes very good.

There are thousands of tutorials online to make your own items or to give them a makeover. These things are super easy to do and so effective. They can add a whole new spin to your house and create a world of a difference. Just painting your furniture or an old table in a different color can change the look and vibe of your house. Also when buying new products form stores, have a color scheme in mind and coordinate it according. Add colors that reflect your personality.