Star Wars fans have been lucky recently, with the newest instalment in the saga being loved by pretty much everybody. But the treats do not stop there, as Disney Fantasy Cruises is giving you the chance to experience a holiday that you and your family will never forget.


Use the Force for the Holiday of a Lifetime

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year or so, you will be aware that the recent release of the latest instalment of the Star Wars franchise has been met with both critical acclaim from the press, and wild and often uncontrollable enthusiasm from Star Wars fans, young and old alike.

The Star Wars brand is bigger now than it may have ever been before, and this is apparent from the plethora of merchandise available, but nothing else you can find will come close to the experience awaiting you and your family aboard the Disney Fantasy cruise ship.

Star Wars Day at Sea

Disney’s cruise ships have been at the forefront of innovation in terms of concept for a strong while now, and as Star Wars is now a Disney franchise, it was never going to take long for the Star Wars Day at Sea to become a reality.

Although primarily aimed at children, it is undoubtedly true that this particular cruise is going to cause at least as much, if not more, excitement for a large percentage of parents as well, making it a perfect day for the whole family.

Fancy dress is not a necessity on this trip, but it is highly encouraged, so if you have been waiting for an opportunity to dust off that Storm Trooper costume, this is your chance to do so!

Meet and greets will take place throughout the day with some of the most popular characters from the franchise, including Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and Chewbacca, although conversation with the latter may be somewhat limited!

If you are harbouring dreams of being a Jedi, this is your chance, as the Jedi Training academy gives you a chance to hone your lightsabre skills before showing what you’ve learnt in a final battle with Darth Vader, just keep an eye on your hands!

If parents need a little peace and quiet amongst the sound of lightsabre battles and Wookie cries, there are a host of adult only sections for you to put your feet up and enjoy the ocean views. In fact, the ship has an entire deck that is restricted to over 18s only.

Other Disney Fantasy Cruises

If Star Wars is not your thing, there is no need for you to concern, as Disney Fantasy Cruises have a veritable smorgasbord of other offers for you to choose from.

Since its inception in 2012, Disney Fantasy Cruises has offered some of the best experiences you can find on the water, with the Western Caribbean routes always incorporating some of the most beautiful places on earth, including Cozumel, Mexico, the Cayman Islands, and many, many more.

For all of those who are lifelong Star Wars fans, whether you started with the very first (or fourth, if you prefer to think of it that way) film, or your first experience was with the newest release, this Disney Fantasy Cruise is simply a must.

A chance to meet all of the characters you love, train as a Jedi, and visit some of the most incredible places you will ever set foot on, this is the perfect trip for the Star Wars fan, and one you do not want to miss out on!