The formerly divided city of Berlin has taken less than 20 years of being in a dark, sad and apathetic to become a modern, dynamic and cosmopolitan city. Destroyed by Allied bombs during World War II, there are few traces of the Hitler era as bunkers or concentration camps, but patents are still traces of the former communist East Germany, as the pieces of the famous wall or blocks Soviets converted many in squats. With German reunification, Berlin has regained its former glory at blazing speed.

New ultra-modern buildings stand alongside more classic or extravagant. It is today one of the undisputed centers of the new trends in architecture or technology, which also imposes global trends in music, bars or nightclubs. Berlin is a lively and alternative I would choose, without hesitation, to live my second life and spend some time away from home. In this post I have selected the essential attractive and eye-catching sights of Berlin.

The Museum Island

The Museum Island

Even if you are very fond of museums, you cannot miss the famous Museum Island. Located on the Spree River and World Heritage Site by UNESCO, these prestigious Berlin district houses five museums with archaeological and art collections. If you only have time and / or desire to enter into one, the Pergamon Museum is a must, because inside behold a stunning Greek altar of II century BC Babylonian or a beautiful gate of the sixth century BC.

Berlin has 170 museums, so accommodates almost any taste or hobby. There are small museums more curious and sometimes that can be seen in a brief tour, as the German Currywurst Museum, which pays tribute to the typical sausage of the city’s Museum of the GDR, which brings everyday objects of the citizens of the former Communist Germany, the Museum of the Games, or a favorite for tourists, the Wall Museum at Checkpoint Charlie, dedicated to the most famous border crossing between the two Berlin and telling the stories of those who crossed the wall.

Squatters From blocks apartments at very affordable

One of the hallmarks of Berlin is your squats, mushrooming many neighborhoods of East Berlin, especially in Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain. They are blocks (not floors) of the communist era that were occupied to become cultural and artistic centers of the underground and punk movements. Although many have disappeared by the constructivist wave of recent years, you can still enjoy some cheap drinks squats or theaters, cinemas and online workshops.

Staying in a Berlin squat floor is not suitable for any tourist. It really does not, as compared to the hostelry rates for other European cities such as London, Paris, Venice or Amsterdam, spend the night in Berlin is pretty cheap. As for hotels, there are all conditions and times: luxury, brand, art, minimalist, original, theme or crappy hostels. If you stay for several days, more and more tourists who choose the apartments in Berlin, and this great city offers a wide variety of bright, downtown, modern and well communicated with public transport reliable homes. No matter what neighborhood you choose to stay because there are options for all tastes and budgets.

Mecca of techno music

Along with Ibiza, the German capital is a paradise for lovers of techno music. If before the unification of the two Germanys, the holidays were scarce and semi-clandestine, since the nineties nightclubs have sprung up like mushrooms. Berlin has specialized in electronic music clubs, hence every weekend hordes arrive technoturistas willing to dance until you drop.

Cheap Eats anytime

To be the capital of a country as rich and powerful as Germany, it can be stated categorically that Berlin is a cheap city, especially in eating. Never leave hungry because there will be food available in any corner of street, which will surely typical, larger and more crisp than those found in other parts of the world frankfurters.

Try the typical Berlin cuisine which generally provides food more abundant in quantity and cheaper than international restaurants.