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The unusual story of the Eiffel Tower

It has attracted its fair share of home-grown critics over the years but the Eiffel Tower remains an enduring attraction for visitors to Paris. What though, among a host of French national treasures, is the biggest drawcard for the foreigner? Heady perfumes, joyous wines, incomparable artwork? No, seemingly much

Top 5 Tourist Destinations in France

If you are thinking about which place to visit next or to where spend your holiday with family and friends, then France is one of the best option you have. With all the historic monuments, castles, beaches and spectacular cities, it certainly is the place any tourist

Top 5 Beaches In France

With three sides water, France is well known for the beaches and offers a wide variety of settings to please those who love beaches and sunbathing. Surrounded by three different water bodies – Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic ocean and Bay of Biscay, France has a fantastic array of