A little Wallis mountain village Eischoll develops to an insider‘s tip for everybody who wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city or from the summer heat. More and more people appreciate the friendly and domestic interaction in the village and spend their vacation here.


Eischoll, that recently made headlines due to its own communal Tesla, counts on sustainability. Let it be using the example of the Tesla, which is available for rent for the inhabitants of the municipality, or also tourism and energy. Meanwhile, the half village is connected to wood teleheating and the electricity comes from one of the two hydroelectric power plants.


Rapid Lufu Trail

Alongside the snow sports, it is increasingly being invested into the touristic summer offerings. Thus, the Downhill Biketrail from Eischoll to Raron was opened recently. The Lufu Trail is classified as a moderate trail and goes through an old footpath to the valley in breakneck speed. As a result, biker get on their money’s worth while the hikers can crest the summits above the village untroubledly. With the ropeway, it is possible to start in the village within 5 minutes again…

Alp festival Tschorr

Everybody who always wanted to experience a real and traditional “Besetztag” gets with the alp festival Tschorr (27.6.2015) his money’s worth. Cow fighting of the Herens breed and the companiable togetherness are here in the spotlight. The animals that are basically peaceful fight that day about the fact who will be the queen on the alp for this summer. In contrast to other fights, where the cows are brought together for the will to combat, these cows remain on the alp for the summer. These hierarchy fights are a spectacle for the young and the old. It is impressive to watch when two 500-kilogramme-muscles clash. The Herens belongs to the smallest cattle breed in Europe. The animals have a dark red to black-brown hair covering. Piebald animals are rare. The short and wide head is significant, which has a concave front line. The animals are strongly muscled that look due to the dark colour even more impressive and imposing.

The arrival can be connected with a hike from the village up to the alp and thus provides an even more unique experience of nature. From Eischoll to Ergisch with a stop over on the Alp festival for a glass of wine and interesting and special event of the cow fights.

If you want to stay longer up in the quite village of Eischoll book now your Room in the Hotel Schwarzhorn. But even from Visp you reach Eischoll in about 30 minutes.