Looking for some scintillating adventure? Then head out to Coffs Harbor in Australia. You’ll get so much of it that you’ll actually tire. How about this – hinterland white-water rafting, scuba diving, and kayaking through coastal mangroves? Excited?

Skydiving coff harbour australia

Just Perfect For Adventure

If you’re inclined towards adrenalin-pumping adventure, Coffs Harbor is just ideal. Guess why? It’s just 4 hours from Brisbane and about 4.5hrs Sydney. The perfect weekend adventure getaway.

Kayak Away!

What gets your goat? Cascading at high speeds down the white lace of wicked, thundering rapids of the Nymboida River? Or some quiet kayak paddling through mangroves, on a quiet-looking, broad river teeming with saltwater crocs? Either way, it’s the adventure of a lifetime.

4WD Adventure

Bump along on a 4WD forest track through the rugged hardly-there paths. It’ll take a truly superlative driver to negotiate the bumps, roots, rocks and impromptu little hills that turn up out of nowhere. If you’re up to it, negotiate the same unpredictable terrain on the back of a horse, or on a mountain bike. Try the many challenging climbs and descents in the National parks and in State Forests, and the undulating sandy dunes on a Coffs Harbor beach on an MTB. Whatever gets you going!


Coffs City literally has the title for the highest skydiving activity in Australia. Got your license? Go solo  and jump from 14,000 feet; what a scream! Land at the airfield or at Park Beach or at any of the other beaches. Don’t have your license? You can always tandem jump, or join up for skydiving training at Coffs Harbor!

Helicopter Flights

Check out the hinterland, mountain area and the coastal glories via helicopter. You can also sign up for trips to the South Solitary Island and check out the old lighthouse there. The spectacular coastal and hinterland scenery is a definite draw, but it’s the helicopter that provides the real adrenaline rush, with its swoops, sudden turns and crazy maneuvers.

Flying Trapeze

Pretend you always wanted to join the circus and get on a flying trapeze. The Zip Circus at Coffs Harbor allows you to strap in to a trapeze and simply step off the high aerial platform. Fly through the air and scream to your heart’s content.

Dorrigo Skywalk

Dorrigo National Park’s Skywalk almost floats at a good height, passing over treetops, mountain escarpments and beautiful hinterland on its way to the coastline. You’ll feel like you’re suspended in the air. Once on the ground, cool off by bushwalking on the Wonga Walk’s waterfall and glade-filled lanes.

Scuba Diving

The Solitary Islands Marine Park is NSW’s largest marine reserve. There are several excellent deep spots here, brimming with marine and reef life, just perfect for scuba diving. Want to discover a secret world of underwater turtles, 90 species of coral and over 550 species of fish? Go scuba diving.

What Else, Coffs Harbor?

Well, there’s whale watching, game fishing, reef fishing, sand activities, surfing and paragliding. Here’s something: how about an off-road triathlon? Kayak part of the way, run some and mountain bike the rest? Coffs has the perfect combination of beaches, trails and headlands for this sort of adventure.