There is a famous saying about London: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. And this is true, without a doubt! London is a big, metropolitan city, and the third largest in Europe. The population has reached over 8,3 million people, and the city is a melting pot for different ethnic cities and cultures. This is one of the reasons for why this city is worth a visit. You can experience the whole world without ever leaving London!

London – Seeing more than the typical tourist spots!

If you are visiting the capital for the first time, it might be tempting to stick to the popular tourist attractions and activities. But London is so much more than Big Ben and Piccadilly Circus! Here are some suggestions of places to go and things to do if you want to see more than the tourist hot spots:

Take a step outside the urban jungle and take a trip to Kew Gardens and Richmond Park. Both of these parks are located in the southwest part of London, about 20-30 minutes by car from central London. Kew Gardens is on UNESCO´S World Heritage list, and this royal botanic garden can offer a haven of peace in the vibrant city. Richmond Park is a nature reserve and is the largest of London’s eight royal parks. Take a stroll in the beautiful surroundings, watch the herds of deer cantering past you, or take a guided tour of the stunning Isabella Plantation.

After your walk in Richmond Park, you can take a five minutes stroll to the beautiful village called Ham. Have you ever wanted to try horse polo? You do not need to have any riding experience to take a lesson at Ham Polo Club on one of their calm, and well-schooled polo ponies. They offer everything from 1-hour lessons to a full day of polo, introducing you to the two thousand year old sport.

Are you a food enthusiast? London can offer cuisines from all over the world, everything from Asian, to African, to Scandinavian. The Borough Market in South-East London is worth while a visit. It is open Wednesday to Saturday and is a thrill for all senses. Everywhere you turn there are tasty dishes, exotic meat, fresh fish and delicious cakes.

In Notting Hill, at 63 Ledbury Road, you will find one of the four very popular Ottolenghi restaurants. There is only seating for ten people, but you usually go here for the best take away in London. They offer high-quality, colourful, mouth- watering food that is worth the visit. Why not stop by here for lunch after you have been at the famous Portobello market, which is just a five minutes walk from here.

If you are hungry after spending the day shopping around Covent Garden, we can suggest going to the Wild Food Café at Neal´s Yard, a couple of minutes walk from Covent Garden tube station. This restaurant serves colourful, delicious, vegetarian food that is good for both you and the planet.

As Oscar Wilde said once, “The man who can dominate a London dinner-table can dominate the world! ”.

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