The North Sea may not be as a surf mecca, but there are still plenty of cool beaches along the north-east coast where you can wax down your boards. The wash is also challenging for surfers of all levels so there is no shortage of waves to catch for everyone.

Surf in Northumberland

Seaton Sluice

The stretch of coastline between Seaton Sluice and Blyth Beach boasts some stunning scenery along the north-east coastline which makes for some awesome surfing. Due to south-westerly winds, the surf here can be unpredictable, but there is always a pretty decent swell. Unless you are comfortable on the board do not try the sluice.

Bamburgh Beach

Bamburgh beach usually finds its way into a Northumberland best of for beauty, but the famous stretch of coastline also boast strong swells. The swell is channelled from the nearby Farne Islands and breaks on the beach which makes landing softer for beginners. If you want something more challenging, look for the coastguards old watch tower in the dunes between Bamburgh and Seahouses.

Beadnell Bay Beach

If you do go surfing in Northumberland you will not want to pass over Beadnell Bay, regarded as the best place to surf in the UK. This stretch of the coastline offers up views of the Cheviot Hills and a swell that often hits 8 feet. The best time to go is spring. Although you can get some decent days for surfing between September and November, on cold days the water is brass-monkey-icy.

Newbiggin by the Sea

Newbiggin by the sea boasts a fantastic sandy bay with rocky outcrops that makes it great for surfing. The spot is pretty much secluded so you do not have to keep an eye on what others are doing and concentrate on keeping your balance. Head out to the reef and surf the “church” to the south of the bay.

South Shields Beach

South Shields is a quirky little town with friendly locals and a great beach. The swell here is ideal for intermediaries as they generally only peak at 2-metres but produce fast-swelling barrels that will help your balance. The best time to go is a week day as the beach is usually uncrowded so there are not many people in the water.

Surf lessons on Druridge Bay

If you are new to surfing, but fancy riding the waves check out the Northside surf school in Amble. They take lessons for all-comers on a number of different beaches including the beautiful Druridge Bay in Warkworth. The miles of golden sandy beach and rolling sand dunes is one of the most popular landscapes in Northumberland so if the surf lessons do not go well, you can at least admire the scenery.

Northumberland is surprisingly full of hidden surf gems, and is a great county to explore. For the best surf options, the best place to stay is somewhere central such as Warkworth or Amble. There are plenty of comfortable hotels and guesthouses where you can dry off.