You have to distinguish between different motivations to undertake a solo trip, as it is not the same travel alone for work, for business, shopping and more. To do it for different reasons, such as seeking personal experiences, meet people from other discover places or customs or cultures.

This article has 6 tips for traveling alone. It is a brief guide for those backpackers who venture to explore the world without company.

Seven Tips for Traveling Solo

1. Preparing for Your Trip

In my opinion, too much planning is a mistake. In principle when traveling backpacking tend to go with the flow of everyday events “be water my friend” Therefore, the planning should be minimal. We must have an open and flexible with us to visit places of interest and adapt to the time available to travel itinerary. It would be enough just to have tied the return flight as well as accommodation of the first and second day.

2. The budget

When traveling backpacker always look cheap, as they usually have limited resources for a trip that lasts for a period of a month to 1 year. The largest percentage of the cost is taken carriers, i.e., the displacement at the destination, which could exceed 50% of total budget when a trip is made. The remainder of the cost lies in the accommodation, food and internal transport. Of course, these factors vary from country provided and the duration of the trip. Not the same travel in Africa or Southeast Asia to Europe. I recommend not obsessed with money and set a maximum daily spending since the end would end up producing such anxiety that you might sour the trip. Things do not always go as expected and may arise any day extra fees. In contrast, another day may come out better than planned in terms of costs, making leveling the scale.

3. Personal Safety

Never forget that you are traveling alone and you have to be responsible wherever we go. But not for the fact of being alone it is being exposed to greater dangers that could be in the company, in your own country or even in your home. It is a truism that we must avoid unnecessary risks within the logic and personal judgment of each. My recommendation is to not choose a difficult target like Iran or even parts of the U.S. Some developed countries are usually those that involve more risk. Choose to travel alone, without hesitation, any country in Southeast Asia such as Laos or Vietnam, they are very safe and economical pocket for a European country.

4. The stress of the first day

It is normal to feel nervous and unsure the days before the start of the journey and even the early days when we contacted the new environment. Once you’re up, you’ll miss the comforts of Western life, family, friends, etc. Valorabas no little things when you enjoyed them. However, those moments of stress disappear with the passage of time. Gradually you’ll gain confidence and begin to feel a strange pleasant sensation. As you’ll learn to enjoy the relaxing trip.

5. Feeling of freedom

Traveling alone does not have to submit to the will of a group. You decide what you will do, how, when, where and to where, what you’re taking (train, car, bus, boat …) transportation, how long to stay in each place, what to visit, etc.

6. Know thyself

It also lets you know aspects of your personality that are usually hidden for reasons of image or by social norms. In these travelers are now free of the influences on your family or workplace, which often inhibit some aspects of our personality. You can also develop skills that had not sufficiently exploited as photography.