New York is the city where spending unwisely. If you want the finest, this is heaven for our credit cards. However, if you have the budget, it also gives us a good variety of options to enjoy keeping control of the portfolio.

Tips To Save Money On Your Trip to New York

Here are some tips for tight budgets:

Choose the best time

Start by choosing to come at a time when airline tickets are not triggered by demand. The most expensive rates always find the summer months and Christmas. However, the humid summer heat, and cold temperatures during Christmas, make times like spring and fall are, in addition to cheaper, more desirable.

Transportation bonds

The best way to see the city is on foot, however, if using transport, buy a Metro Card. Quickly pay for themselves the cost of it with few trips and with it, you will have transportation whenever you want.

Plan your visit to the museums

Museums are usually a day on which the fee is’ Pay what you wish ‘(pay what you want). Some even like MOMA, the Friday evening are free. If you plan to go to museums, take a look first day that may be more convenient to save a few bucks. Here’s museums are not exactly cheap, however in most cases, very worthwhile.

Save on food

Regarding the food, you can choose especially when the ‘Lunch’ by ‘Lunch Menu’ offering almost every restaurant in town. You can find them from $ 7. If not, there will always be a choice fast food. The city is full of pizzerias, kebab stalls, plus the known strings. Escape the tourist areas like Times Square. Usually the food is not great but the prices can be much higher here than in many other areas of the city.

Save on accommodation

At the time of stay, it goes without saying that the ideal is to know someone in the city. The price of hotels is high, but can be found in our deals. If we do not mind sharing a room with others, hostels (or ‘hostels’) are a fairly inexpensive option with good locations.

Free Leisure

If you’re here during the summer months, take advantage of the activities of Summer Stage. There are many concerts and performances of all kinds totally free in Central Park. Also in summer worth attend some of the functions of ‘Shakespeare in the Park’

Save on musical

If you love to attend one of the great Broadway musicals but, tickets you are trying to get price savings on our partner Another option is to get discounts ranging up to 50% by buying the same day of the performance. Tickets can be purchased (temporarily) to Marriott Marquis Hotel West 46th Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue.