If you are thinking about which place to visit next or to where spend your holiday with family and friends, then France is one of the best option you have. With all the historic monuments, castles, beaches and spectacular cities, it certainly is the place any tourist may be looking for.  With as much 82 million foreign tourist a year, it becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. France has a mild climate with beautiful mountains ranges like Pyrenees and Alps where tourists are actively involved in winter sports. The country is particularly famous for its wines all around the world. Below is the list of top 5 tourist destinations in France:
•    The Eiffel Tower – Being one of the wonders of the world, it is the first place you need to visit when you are in France. This incredible tower was built in the year 1889 essentially for the anniversary of French Revolution. The builder and designer of the Eiffel Tower go by the name Gustave Eiffel. It has its own restaurants inside it and you can go to the top of tower to have a spectacular view of the Paris city, the capital of France. In the whole world, it is the uttermost visited paid tourist spot, with the visits of around 200 million people and counting.
•    French Riviera – With famous tourist destinations like St Tropez and Canne, it has some of the best beaches in the whole France. The beaches are very beautiful and soothing with lot of foreign tourists. Here you can enjoy all types of water sports and has an amazing night life.

Top 5 Tourist Destinations in France
•    Palace of Versailles – You cannot miss this spectacular palace built by Louis XIII in 1624, if you are in France. It was the official residence for the royal family until in October 1789 during French Revolution when they were forced to come back to Paris. With its traditional architecture and attractive interior, it is one of the most visited tourist spot in France.
•    Chamonix – Located at the foot of Mont Blanc, which is a highest mountain in the famous Alps, is a ski Resort known as Chamonix. It is very popular as it was the site where first Winter Olympic Games were held in 1924. It offers the most challenging slopes for skiers and boarders in winters while it is playground for mountain bikers during summers.
•    Gorge du Verdon – It is the most famous and beautiful river canyon in whole Europe which is over 25 kilometer long and 700 meters deep. It is carved by the river named as verdon which got its name from the green turquoise color of the water flowing in it. It is very popular amongst tourist due to different water sports being held here along with rock climbing on several hundred meter high walls of the canyon. The water sports here include water skiing, rafting, sailing and kayaking.

Although, there are several other tourist destinations in France, the above mentioned places remains to be the best of them. So if you are in France, be not the one to miss the over whelming experience of the above given tourist destinations.