With three sides water, France is well known for the beaches and offers a wide variety of settings to please those who love beaches and sunbathing.

Surrounded by three different water bodies – Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic ocean and Bay of Biscay, France has a fantastic array of fantastic beaches. It might be a bit difficult to know the best beach among the many when you take the ferry to France. This article helps you choose your best destination.

Here is the list of top 5 beaches in France:

1. Porto-Pollo:

Porto-Pollo beach

This is a beach in Corsica. Corsica with 600 miles of uncrowded coastline attracts you in such a way you don’t even want to return to your place. Its unique beauty and the Mediterranean climate never let you leave the place. There are many beaches in the Corsica.

It is pretty difficult to name out one beach that is good in Corsica because every beach is lovely. Port Pollo is one among the many beaches of Corsica. This little beach is close to the marina and accommodates many restaurants where you can have your Lunch. By the way, Corsica is at only 2 hours flight from London.

2. Côte Sauvage:

Côte Sauvage beach

Côte Sauvage is well known for the wild life surrounded to this beach. The Côte Sauvage is on the Atlantic coast and 10 km stretch of sandy beach. If you are a wild life lover, then this will be a perfect place for you. Côte Sauvag is surrounded by pine trees and other wild flowers.

3. L’Ile de Riou:

L'Ile de Riou beach

This beach is in Marseille. Marseille is the second largest city in France after Paris. This is on the Mediterranean coast. The beaches of Marseille provide entertainment to all- children, family and adventurous youngsters.

L’Ile de Riou is one among the best beaches of Marseille. This is the best beach for diving. This small beach is known for scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling. This is accessible only by boat.

4. Plage de Ménéham:

Plage de Ménéham

In this beach, you can find white sands and dunes providing you plenty of opportunities for a coastal walk. Plage de Ménéham is 4km from Hyères out to the town of Giens.

This has been voted the best beach for camperans. If you love to indulge in water sports, then this is the best destination for you.

5. Paloma Plage:

Paloma Plage beach1

Paloma Plage is in Cap Ferrat, it is one of Europe’s richest areas. This beach is highly known for the celebrity spotting, as many movie stars or celebrities visit this beach in their yachts. Yet, half of the beach is reserved for non-millionaires. So everyone can have a bath in this little beach.

These are the top beaches in France. Every beach has its unique features, and it might be not easy to rank among the beaches of France.