The Empire State has left New York a tough competitor when it comes to panoramic views from skyscrapers concerns: The Rockefeller Center and its famous observatory “Top of the Rock”.

From this viewpoint you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city and its immediate surroundings in 360 degrees, including the Empire itself Estate, Central Park, the Chrysler Tower and other attractions of the city skyline.

Top of the Rock

Experience before boarding…

The experience of visiting the Top of the Rock attraction starts from the same entry in the building GE Building, which is done by 5th Street, between 5th and 6th.

Upon entering the atrium looks up. You will see one of the world’s largest lamps, occupying an equivalent to 3 stories high. It was designed by Swarovski, especially for this building and contains more than 14,000 small crystals that make a dramatic lighting effect thanks to the flashes of the optical fiber.

It is well signposted and agrees to it after passing the safety arch. Access to elevators climb is through a signposted path that is both an interesting exhibition on the history and curiosities of the building.

Then come to the small attraction “you walk on the scaffold” Here you can take a photo in a scenario that simulates a short walk through a suspended scaffold huge building heights. An amazing challenge against dizziness.

The last stage of the exhibition is a small theater where a video about the history of the building is shown.

Moving towards the heights….

Al elevator! Definitely an awesome experience as it is one of the fastest elevators in the world. The climb takes only 1 minute! And we can enjoy light effects through the glass ceiling of the cabin.

Once we are up it’s time of saying “wow”. You can move around freely along and height of plants 67 º to 70 º, combining views from comfortable indoor seating to the stunning panoramas that are enjoyed in the “attic” of the 70 plant outdoors.

  • The glass panel design ensures the best unobstructed view.
  • In plants 67 and 69 you will find gift shops.
  • You can stay up all the time you want.