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All Aboard the Star Wars Ship – Themed Adventures on the High Seas

Star Wars fans have been lucky recently, with the newest instalment in the saga being loved by pretty much everybody. But the treats do not stop there, as Disney Fantasy Cruises is giving you the chance to experience a holiday that you and your family will never

7 Hills That Thrill You

Hill stations in India, full of charm and natural beauty are anyone’s idea of a holiday. A plan to visit one of the hill stations, I shortlisted a few. Munnar Munnar is situated in Idukki district in Kerala is one of the most sought after destinations in

Top 7 Travel Places for Teenagers

For all travelling enthusiasts, you will agree with me that age is very crucial. This is because a place that would wow a 9-year old would not excite a 25-year old the same way. For this reason, it is important to choose destinations that would be fun